a little bit more about KATE

(…and probably everything you need to know.)

About Me

Hi there! I’m Kate Gremillion, and in 2017…I did it.

I replaced my salary from my corporate days with my income from my career coaching business, Mavenly + Co., which I started in 2014. This was a BIG milestone for me. It was the dream I had since I was sitting at my desk in a high rise building wishing I could work for myself. So why didn’t it FEEL big? 

Well, a couple of things…

  • I had one million to-do items, and I wasn’t making great progress on any of them

  • I was communicating with clients and customers via text, email, phone, Slack, Instagram and Google Hangout (makes my head spin just thinking about it!)

  • I had no processes in place to manage my growing business 

  • I woke up every day with an intense feeling of overwhelm about what I could do or what should be done

  • I was saying ‘YES!’ to everyone and everything in hopes that it would lead to more business 

  • I felt like I had to have my hands in every aspect of my business at all times

  • I would compare our business to what everyone else was doing

  • I was physically wearing myself down and my health was deteriorating

Not a great look, huh? 

While reaching this monetary goal was great, I felt there was a bigger goal I needed to achieve. I didn’t want to just make a living financially, I wanted to make a lifestyle I loved and was excited about. A life that felt the way it looked on our beautifully curated Instagram account. 

The only problem was I hadn’t set up my business to work for the life I wanted. I realized I needed to make some changes in my business if I was ever going to make the changes I wanted in my life. 

So what was the secret sauce? creating the right business systems, outsourcing what didn’t require me, and focusing on the top revenue-generating tasks in the business. 

Finding the right tools, templates, people and resources to run my business totally changed the game. When I went from all-nighters on our office couch to frolicking around Paris with my business besties, I knew I had to share what I had learned with other women business owners.

So that’s exactly what I did! Work Well with Kate is my commitment to helping you build a business with more profit and less busy work. I will help you flourish financially without sacrificing the freedom and flexibility that makes entrepreneurship amazing. I will show you the same tools, resources, tips, and tricks I used to build my six-figure coaching business and the ones I still use today. 

You were made for more than emails, excel sheets and an endless to-do list. Let’s build a business that shows it.