My Must-Have Business Tools for 2019


It’s no secret how much I love useful business tools and software. I get so excited when I find efficient and effective tools that make my work and life easier that it takes everything in me not to get the company’s name tattooed on my body for everyone to see (this is not a joke.)

So to satisfy my desire to become a walking billboard, I’ve decided to share them with you here. Drum roll, please!

1. Dubsado

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” - Elizabeth Barrett Browning and me, talking to Dubsado

This may seem like an overstatement to anyone who hasn’t used the platform, but everyone who has used Dubsado knows this is actually a gigantic understatement. Dubsado is my one-stop shop for sending questionnaires, tracking leads, sending invoices, sending contracts, messaging with clients through private portals. Our whole client on-boarding process, which previously required four different platforms, is now done completely on Dubsado within five minutes. With canned emails, contract templates, and a brand new scheduler, Dubsado is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

2. Appear In

Another day, another meeting login. That was the mantra before Appear In came into my life.

Appear In allows for super easy video meetings in your browser with one click! (yes, ONE CLICK.) You can share screens, record screens, chat, and send emojis in the chat room. You can have one person or 12 people in a room, which makes meetings and client calls a breeze.

3. Google Tasks

If you’re like me, you need your task list available at any time in any place. That’s why Google Tasks is my new front runner. It’s incredibly simple, has integrations with Gmail and Google Calendar, and has a mobile application so I can access it on my phone or desktop. Also, if you have a Google Home you can just shout your to-do list for your little robot assistant to take down (cue Miranda Priestly vibes).

4. Later

Though I put it off for a long, long time, I knew scheduling our business Instagram posts would become a necessary evil. Thankfully our lovely virtual assistant pushed me on it, and now we use Later to schedule our Mavenly + Co. Instagram posts. This makes batching our content and collaborating on posts easy peasy lemon squeezy. It also helps us plan out what our Instagram grid will look like to ensure it’s cohesive and complimentary. If you want to streamline your business Instagram, it’s a must.

5. Calendly

If your inbox is a sea of back-and-forth emails trying to schedule meetings and coffee dates, you need Calendly. Calendly allows for painless scheduling so you can spend your time on more important tasks. You simply share your Calendly link with your guest and they can select the best day and time for them based on your availability. It’s also the most visually appealing scheduler to look at, which is a plus. Once you use it, you will wonder how you made appointments without it.

Do you have tools I need to know about? Share them in the comments below!