The Financial Tools I Use to Run My Business

kate gremillion business planning

People who know me know I have two real fears in life: not doing things correctly legally and not doing things correctly financially. We will cover the legal stuff another day, but today I am here to offer you the tools that have calmed my ever-present fear of not having my financial sitch in order. These are the tools we use to run Mavenly + Co., and it only took me four years to find them. #BetterLateThanNever

1. Account Software: Wave

There are a few reasons I’m obsessed with Wave Apps. First, it’s actually free. There are many accounting softwares that claim to be free, but Wave is the real deal. This wonderful software connects to our bank account, syncs our expenses, balancers our books, and has us ready to roll come tax time. It’s also super easy to use, and the UI is beautiful in my opinion. Bonus: super helpful pie charts inside.

2. Accounting Team: Countless

Huge shoutout to my friend Pamela for recommending Brittany Turner and her team at Countless. Sometimes in business you simply need to talk to someone who ‘gets it’ and these are ladies that totally get it and make you feel like a badass business owner who knows her money situation. The specialize in accounting for creative badasses, and they are a huge reason why I’m not absolutely dreading tax time.

3. Receipt + Important Document Storage: HubDoc

This was actually a recommendation from Brittany, and I cosign this recommendation. Although it is $20/month, HubDoc stores and organizes all of your important documents by date, company, and amount of money. #WIN Bonus, they have an app so you can snap pictures of your receipts and you can forward receipts from your email straight to your account. It also backs up on to your Google Drive. Yea, thank me later.

4. Invoicing Software: Dubsado

If you read my blog post on must-have business tools, you know my extreme affection for Dubsado. While you can invoice your clients using Wave, Dubsado is where we manage all of our client information including contracts and client communication. Dubsado actually allows you to send your invoice within your contract, and you know I have a heart for streamlining and simplicity. Get on the train, girl. (Oh, and Dubsado connects to our bank account using Stripe. In case you were wondering how you actually got that money into your account.)

Do you have financial or accounting tools I need to know about? Share them in the comments below!