My Favorite Office Supplies Right Now

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There’s something about having the right office supplies that just makes working better. Whether it’s the right pair of headphones or a mobile charger to ensure you stay connected on the go, it can make a wolrd of difference in how you get your work done. Here’s a list of some of my favorite supplies right now with a very brief description. Enjoy!

  • Going Places Bando Notebook

    This is my go-to when I need a large notebook to jot down ideas or make long, long lists. I like the hard cover and the pocket inside.

  • Back Me Up Bando Mobile Charger

    Another Bando favorite. My phone is perpetually on 3%, which means I need a mobile charger to save me when I’m in the red zone. This one is compact and gets the job done.

  • Apple AirPods

    I wouldn’t have purchased them myself, but I received them as a gift and now I’m addicted. No more tangled wires or having to mute a podcast to answer a question. They are great! Oh, and if you’re prone to losing small items you need this accessory to go along with it.

  • IKEA Standing Desk

    I’m indecisive. Sometimes I want to sit, and sometimes I want to stand. With this desk I can have both and at a very affordable price.

  • Brandless Pens

    I’m a big time pen nerd, so when I found these fine line pens in eight colors for $3 I was hooked.

  • Bloom Planner Stickers

    There are many products to fangirl over in Bloom’s collection, but I really love their sticker sheets. Start with the stickers, and follow the rabbit hole accordingly.

  • Marble Expanding File Folder

    Keeping my tax files and business documents organized is a boring task, but having a aesthetically pleasing file folder helps. And who doesn’t love a good Target find?

What are your favorite office supplies? Tell me below!