#Overwhelmed with Social Media? Do this.


There are more social media platforms out there today than we know what to do with, and while it creates endless opportunities for businesses, it can also be extremely overwhelming at the same time. I wanted to share a few things I do to put the ‘social’ back in social media so I can build relationships (and my business) without feeling overwhelmed or constantly behind.

Pick your channels intentionally

There is no need to be everywhere on the internet. Your goal should be to become like the DJ Khaled of Snapchat on whatever platform you choose. What I mean is that you should commit to ONE social media channel and be intentional about adding value. You need to focus on showing up there consistently before even thinking about adding another social media channel to your plate. Not sure which one to double down on? Think about where your audience is and how you like to show up on the internet (video, photos, written copy - which do you enjoy most) and start building value there. When you only have one platform to focus on, it becomes much easier to create content and engage with your audience knowing you have a sole focus.

Do it in bulk

If every single day you are trying to take stunning pictures, write captions, and edit it to match your brand, you’re going to constantly feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Instead of spending time each day trying to get the creative juices flowing, set aside a time with no distractions to crank out quality content. Take multiple photos, write all the captions, and organize it in a way that makes sense for your brand and what you’re selling. I recommend batching at least two weeks at a time, but I personally do one quarter, or 90 days, at a time. I know that can seem overwhelming, but once it’s created and organized you will feel much more confident and in control. PLUS once it’s created you can easily plug it in scheduling software which leads us to the third point...

Schedule your content

Social media has really evolved to fit businesses and now has easily accessible analytics to tell you the best time of day to post every single day of the week. Use this to your advantage, and plug your batched content into a calendar, add it to a site such as Later, that will automatically post it for you right at your specified prime time. It’s great to have this already set up if you’re prone to forget about posting or get stressed easily by the idea of social media. It’s also the perfect tool for when you are on vacation and the last thing you want to be doing is setting a reminder to stick to your posting schedule.

Use it to build relationships

I know it’s easy to forget, but social media was actually started as a way to connect with people (who would have thought?!) so when it feels overwhelming, go back to the basics of what actually builds connection. Respond to comments, engage with similar accounts, support other people’s businesses and endeavors. Not only will this make you feel more connected to your audience, but I find it always increases brand awareness and visibility. Basically, try putting the ‘social’ back in social media.

Take breaks

As much as social media can help build up your business, it can also be too much when used in excess. If there is one thing people can relate to, it’s being human, and as humans we all need a break sometimes. Feel free to have a week, or even just a few days, of ‘unplugging’ on social media. You can even give your followers a heads up about your time away. Not only will people relate to and respect this, but it also allows you to recharge yourself and gives them permission to do the same. If you can give yourself a break, it will give you the space to dream up and create content you are excited about. You no longer have to worry about just creating content for the sake of posting content - you will be showing up authentically with great things to share.

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