My Trip to Paris, France

Photos by Sarah DeShaw

Photos by Sarah DeShaw

I’ll admit it. I love talking about my mastermind trips.

Not solely because they are amazing adventures with some amazing women, but it’s also an opportunity to share about the cool ways we can make friends and connections in an age of technology.

These mastermind trips started back in 2015 when Sarah DeShaw was simply someone on Instagram who I admired greatly. In December, Sarah posted an invitation on Instagram with the following caption:

So, I had this crazy thought last night: what if I invited my business friends to go on vacation with me?

I immediately got a GIANT surge of excitement thinking about the possibility. We need a community of life-minded ladies to help us refocus, refine, and for goodness sakes, unwind!

The event will include collaborative goal refocusing, poolside masterminding, gorgeous dinners, and chill time at the beach and enjoying the SoHo Beach House…

And guess what? She tagged ME (along with our other partner-in-mastermind Emily Wells) in the invitation. It was absolutely the Universe working for us because that one Instagram post led to an amazing inaugural trip in Miami, Florida where three internet friends became real-life business besties that would travel, grow, laugh, and share together.

Every year we take a trip together, and this past October we went to Paris, France. Is there a better place to dream big for your business with friends? No. The answer is no.

Emily and Sarah arrived a few days before I did, so by the time I hopped off the train to meet them we were ready to explore. Our first night all together we had a gorgeous picnic by the Eiffel Tower (as seen below!) with many croissants and cappuccinos to follow.

After the immediate rush of adrenaline from running around Paris with my friends had worn off a bit, I felt a head cold + jet lag set in a bit, which only slowed us down a little. We saw all the great landmarks, went shopping at a vintage market, enjoyed four-hour dinners at French cafes, and as always, talked about work, life, the Universe, and much more.

I can’t begin to put into words what these trips do for me. Sarah’s 2015 Instagram post is unbelievably accurate in that it does help me refocus, refine, and unwind, but it also does so much more. It helps me evaluate the past, enjoy the present, and dream about the future all while indulging in great food, amazing views, and even better conversation.

This was the trip of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to see where we go next.