How to Scale Your Business to Six Figures
without adding more to your plate

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In this TRAINING we will discuss...

✔ The four common mistakes keeping you stuck in your business and unable to scale

✔ My tested framework to streamline, automate, outsource, and simplify your day-to-day business operations so you can focus on growing your larger vision 

✔ The secret to being able to step away from your business and take a break without impacting your income 

✔ PLUS! One of my most-requested resources that will be given to you for FREE at the end of the workshop ($297 value)

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…a little bit about me

Hey there! It’s me, Kate.

In my past six years as an entrepreneur, I’ve realized almost all service-based business owners want three things:

  1. They want to do something they love for work

  2. They want that work to fund their life outside of work

  3. They want to maximize their impact on other people through their work 

I wanted that same thing when I started my business back in 2014, and it took me a few years as a business owner to learn how to run my business efficiently and effectively without it running me. 

I figured out that implementing the right systems and processes into my business was the only way to take me from stressed, overwhelmed, and drowning in work to confident, in control, and thriving financially. In this workshop, I want to share with you the exact steps I took to get there.  

I’m ready to pull back the curtain and show you the good, the bad, and the ugly of my journey from a girl with an idea and a laptop to a multiple six-figure business owner making an impact. 

I’ll be showing you the inside of my business and my actual bank account and planner (oh yes, it’s getting REAL), and get super honest with you about what it takes to build a business you can scale without adding to your already busy schedule. 

I believe you shouldn’t have to choose between being a profitable business owner and living your life on your terms, and I’m ready to show you how to do both. 

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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures mentioned above and in the workshop are my personal sales figures. They are the result of consistent effort and fine-tuning over the past 4+ years. While I will show you the exact system I use to achieve these figures, note that this is NOT a “get rich quick” program. Your results are determined by your skill set and willingness to work the system I provide you. It takes commitment and dedication to achieve results, and if you are unwilling to do that, this is not for you.