hi! i’m KATE

and I want to help professional women work in a way that actually works for the lifestyle they want. Whether it’s streamlining your work to be more efficient, effectively communicating your value to get more of the work you want, or simply scheduling time to enjoy the benefits of your work, we are covering it all here.



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my MUST-HAVE business tools for 2019

Fun fact: I would have quit being an entrepreneur a long time ago if I didn’t have the right tools to get the work done. Here are the must have tools I swear by in our business.


let’s be inbox OFFICIAL.

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my amazing trip to PARIS, FRANCE

Each year I take a trip with two of my business besties, and this year we were feelin’ Parisian. Read more about why I take these trips and the fun adventures we had.


doin’ it for the GRAM

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my FAVORITE office supplies right now

Who doesn’t love a fresh notebook or a pen that makes you want to write lists all day long? I’m sharing some of my favorite supplies here.


let’s work TOGETHER

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my FIVE TIPS for making your cofounder relationship work

Tallia and I constantly get asked how we are able to work together so well. In this post I’m sharing my advice on how we’ve made our business relationship work.